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Work Samples

Savannah Magazine Internship

I interned at Savannah Magazine in Savannah, Georgia under the marketing executive. A large part of my internship involved tallying ballots for the “Best of Savannah” contest. This is a contest in which readers of the magazine vote for their favorite people, places, and events in Savannah. After tallying the ballots I evaluated the ballot tallying process and gave suggestions for the process in the future. I also wrote a press release to promote the “Best of Savannah” party that is held in honor of the winners of the contest as well as a press release and a 30 second radio spot to promote the “Best of Savannah” issue of the magazine. Finally, I was in charge of creating and updating the Facebook page for the “Behind the Veil” event that Savannah Weddings magazine holds every year. Below are my evaluation of the ballot tallying process, the press releases and radio copy I wrote, and the link to the Facebook page for the “Behind the Veil” event.

BOS Radio Copy

BOS Party Press Release

BOS Issue Press Release

Ballot Tallying Evaluation

Behind the Veil Facebook Page

Communication Arts Departmental Banquet

I was a member of the event planning team for the Georgia Southern University Communication Arts Departmental Banquet. It was held on April 2, 2010 at the Gene Bishop Field House. The title of the event was “Celebrating the FIELD of Communication” and it was an upscale tailgate theme since it was on the football field. Below are some pictures of the event as well as a flyer that I created to help promote the event.

Banquet Flyer

Relay for Life

The Relay for Life of Bulloch County, Georgia wanted to gain more involvement from students at Georgia Southern University. I was on a team of students that helped create a public relations campaign for the Relay. The name of the campaign was “We Do It All Night Long.” We created t-shirts, flyers, brochures, slideshows, and various other things to help promote the event using the slogan.  We used teaser flyers saying things like “Your Roommate Does It…” to put out for a few weeks to gain interest in the event. We then created reveal flyers to put out two weeks after the teaser flyers had been out to explain the event. Below are samples of press releases that I wrote for the campaign and two of the teaser flyers that I helped create using InDesign.

Relay Press Release 1

Relay Press Release 2

Greek Flyer

Roommates Flyer


Peer Advisement

I was asked to be a peer advisor for the Communication Arts Department at GSU. Peer advisors assist students in the Communication Arts Department with creating their schedules before they go to see their actual advisors. Peer advisors save the real advisors time and also help students by explaining to them which classes they need to take and in what order so that they can graduate on time. Below is a flyer that I created to promote awareness about peer advisors.

Peer Advisement Flyer

Crisis Management Plan

For my crisis management class, I created a crisis management plan for a restaurant in Savannah, Georgia. Below are the crisis audit that I performed for the restaurant, a sample crisis drill, and some important contact information that I collected that would be of use to the restaurant during a crisis.

Crisis Audit

Crisis Drill

Emergency & Media Contacts

Aldersgate United Methodist Church

I used InDesign to create a brochure and a flyer for my church in Savannah, Georgia.




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